Friday, February 21, 2014

Free Game Friday | The Wiki Game

Ah, wiki races. A simple yet absolutely wonderful way to use one of the best resources the internet has given us. The idea is simple yet addictive. You're given a limited amount of time to get from one random wikipedia article page, to another using only the embedded hyperlinks. For example Harry Potter to Dave Chappelle, Mozilla to LOL, Vietnamese to Nervous System.

     Now there are a few different game modes for you to choose from. Speed Race: whoever gets there first wins. Least Clicks: Self explanatory whoever uses the lowest number of clicks to get there. Six Degrees of Wikipedia: Using exactly six clicks to get to the goal. 5 clicks to Jesus: again self explanatory. and No United States: Since the U.S. wikipedia page is a giant hub of business and art types it's often used as a middle location to navigate somewhere quickly, this mode removes that option.

      So what do you say, check it out get you competitive click on, and who knows you may just stumble across something interesting.

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