My name is Brandon Ballschmidt. I'm an artist.

     This blog is a place that I'm using to help push myself and grow my knowledge about doing the things I love, along with just having a place where I can share my work. My goal for this blog is to post some piece of art that I have created every single day for at least a year, hopefully continuing past that. I have a very wide interest in different art forms.

     I went to college to study film production, I've fallen in love with photography, I play drums and guitar and am passionate about writing music, and I enjoy visual effects and game design as well. While broad in topics, I want to continue to improve and learn and share in all the things I love to do.

     So everyday expect some sort of post of something I'm working on, could be a picture, a short film, an icon, a 3D model, a song, who knows. Along with this I will also have other post ranging from sharing games or movies I've enjoyed to thoughts and workflow descriptions.

     If you have any questions on anything I've posted or want to know more feel free to comment and I will gladly reply.

Thanks for stopping by:

     Brandon Ballschmidt

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