Friday, January 25, 2013

Cyclic Images

Cyclic Images Trailer from Brandon Ballschmidt on Vimeo.

A trailer for the gallery of "Cyclic Images". A series of seven projects were created to be displayed in a gallery. The eternally looping images are meant to be studied and viewed repeatedly not only to encapsulate a mood but also to allow our selves to notice what we saw or didn't see the time before. This was made by me and Jordan for our Senior film project.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Solar Array -Outpost-

Got a second model finished for the game tentatively titled "Outpost". This one is one of solar array types you can use to gather energy on a planet.

Water Filtration Plant Model -Outpost-

     So I finally finished my first full UV unwrapped model in Blender. It was a fantastic experience because it was the first time I really got to learn how to properly UV unwrap and texture (which yes in fact is an absolute pain). But what is also cool is I feel like I've really completed the first step in a small game I'm working on in my free time as I now have my first completed asset! Dozens more to go but hey, a starts a start.

What's Normal?

        So in computer graphics there is a texturing method of adding lighting geometry detail with a texture. This is called a normal map.

       Now I've tried creating these maps before using a lot of different methods but thanks to a wonderful little tip that I found over at CG Textures which has some great tutorials along with being a fantastic texture resource. Using this new layering technique I've been able to create much higher quality normal maps for my textures. This was my first test trying out this new method.

       Also this test was done inside After Effects using the fantastic plugin Normality which is totally available for free and allows normal based lighting in After Effects.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

./print "Hello World"

Hey all I'm going to be using this blog to update projects I'm working on whether film,CG, or music. And I'll probably take a decent amount of time to just ramble on about my life as well. Welcome welcome.