Friday, February 1, 2013

Independent Study for College

     So this semester I will be doing an independent study for college credit in simulation based visual effects. The main goal and emphasis of this will be on creating near photo realistic fluid simulation that are composited on live action footage. Most of this will be done using the open source tool Blender

These are the tentative goals for the course this semester:


  • Research  the mesh based Lattice Boltzmann Method used in the Blender fluid tools.
  • Research the use of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. 
  • Find any other potential methods to be used (Rigid Body surfaces/Smoke Simulation)
  • Research/develop techniques for combining multiple simulation methods for better results.
  • Composite a large scale flood scene into an interior of a building.


  • Study rigid body setups and how to create convincing destruction using voronoi fracture tools.
  • Smoke/Fire simulations interacting with lighting in live action shots.
  • A full integrated visual effects sequence using a number of various simulation effects.
     While it's unlikely I will get through all of these the goal is to get through as much as I can but the main focus of this study will be on fluid sims. I'll have at least weekly updates this semester on my progress.