Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Game Friday | Nitronic Rush

Just watch.....just watch.

      This. Game.  Very few games are so far stuck right smack dab in the middle of my interest. Crazy cars? Check. Ridiculous stunts and jumps? Check. Did you think that racing games needed more Tron, lights, jets, and occasionally wings to fly? I can't say I ever did before but now I know how badly I need those things.

     Now calling this game a racing game isn't quite right. It's titled itself a racing survival game. Developed by some incredibly skilled students at DigiPen this game is wonderfully one of a kind. There are no other racers just you against the clock trying to survive the level. This includes blades of death, jumps, wall runs, lasers, giant rolling barrels with spikes. You know, your typical road obstacles.

    I will say this. You have to get through the first section of the game to get to the real meat of the matter. The first section of levels don't really provide to much of a challenge, still entertaining but not where it gets to what makes it so good. Get through those and you'll reach the hardcore levels. Shit. Gets. Real.

     Suddenly your precious wings that let you recover in the first section are taken away, and in their place are mad levels with wall runs, driving upside down, vertically and some crazy moments that have you wanting to run levels again and again. Now I should say at this point this game should be played with a controller, not keyboard. You can manage, sort of, with a keyboard, but the controls have clearly been designed with a controller in mind. And designed well. Before long you'll have you car whipping around every direction with ease.

    One more thing, the soundtrack in this game is incredible. Dynamic and reacting to your play crazy pounding electronic beats fill every level. It's awesome. Good enough for me to have downloaded and have put on my mp3 player to listen to regularly. The kindly made the soundtrack also available for download here. So even if you're for some reason not into the game, for sure give this music a go.

      Also this game inspired the creators to work on a full game release basically being this game on steroids so you should check out that as well.  If you're looking for great times and high speeds this will definitely be up your alley. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Download Size: 344MB

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