Friday, January 31, 2014

Free Game Friday | TRIHAYWBFRFYH

You have 20 minutes till the world ends. 

     While it has one of the longer names I've heard of (hence the abbreviation) this game is definitely an incredibly unique experience. "The Rapture is Here and You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home" was developed by Connor Sherlock and is inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, you have a limited amount of time to explore the rolling plans and soft woods of this world.  An ominous massive shape fills the sky and you can see it slowly approaching. Pillars of lights guide you through different narrations presenting Lovecraft's stories. And as time runs out, lightning flashes and pillars and daggers appear piercing outward from the ground reaching up to the skies. And honestly I found this game quite amazing.

"Lovecraft's stories hinge on trying to describe encountering something fundamentally unknowable to human beings," Sherlock told Polygon. "Awe, loneliness and wonder are as important as horror for this. 

      The way you play this game is very open, do you run from light to light, trying to get as much of the story as you can? Or do you simply wander the rolling hills and try and absorb the world that your put in. The haunting synth soundtrack pulses calmly throughout this game giving it and it's simple artwork an intense mood for you to sit in.

    I love the idea of exploring narrative in less typical ways in video games. This brings back memories of the game Dear Esther (which is an incredible experience you should play if you get the opportunity) and provides something different and unique into your day.  It'll only take you 20 minutes and allow you to experience a somber narrative.

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