Friday, January 24, 2014

Free Game Friday | HEXAGON

     From Terry Cavanagh we have HEXAGON. Here is a game that is able to channel the mind bending joyous frustration brought to us by his fantastic game VVVVVV in a completely new fashion. The actual gameplay is simple. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your little triangle around and dodge the incoming shapes. The art style is in simple shapes in colors that come at you in a dizzying pulsing array. But while the concept is simple, execution remains far from it. Be ready to die. A lot.

     This game will have you screaming with frustration at your many losses. But zero loading times, instant resets, and a kicking soundtrack all pull together to keep the losses from becoming too much. It feels challenging but never unfair or impossible. Each time you start over you get that feeling that you can make it just a little further. Let me tell you, finally reaching the one minute mark filled me with an absolute stand up and cheer sense of accomplishment. It's addictive, easy to pick up anytime and play at a moments notice for any amount of time, making it great for those small moments in between whatever productive things you're trying to accomplish.

     All in all a simple and great little game for you to play. Hexagon also did well enough to earn a full game release in "Super Hexagon" which you can purchase for a few dollars on either Android, IOS, or Steam.

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